Cataclysm: Dark Days for Guy Montag Part II

Guy’s Continuing Struggles Against Post Apocalyptic Literacy

For a description of Guy and part 1 of his story, go here: Dark Days for Guy Montag Part I.

Day 3

Guy wakes up an hour before sunrise and prepares himself some coffee. He pours some of his leftovers into plastic bottles to save for later – making coffee during the end of the world often isn’t very convenient. He said “bye” to his shelter-mate, Colin Smith. Guy and Colin still aren’t exactly friends, but they tolerate each other. After all, Guy had agreed to obtain weather transcripts from a local radio station for him. Colin believes that the data can help him ascertain the nature of the cataclysm. Guy thinks it’s a waste of time.

As Guy exits onto the street, his eyes adjust to the dim morning light. Just to the north of the fire station, a massive Zombie Hulk is angrily smashing up a vehicle. Shocked, Guy quickly retreats back inside to assess the situation.

Zombie Hulks are extremely dangerous creatures, capable of throwing a man around like a ragdoll and tearing down brick walls as if they were paper mach√©. Even with Colin’s help, they could never bring one down armed with only a fire axe and a 9mm pistol. He still has a couple pipe bombs, but using them properly would require impeccable timing and luck. He could wait for the hulk to wander away, but he has wasted enough time, and that bookstore still needs to be burned. Guy gathers as many useful things he can carry, and makes the difficult decision to abandon the fire station for now. Perhaps by time he returns to deliver the weather data to Colin, the Zombie Hulk will have moved on.

Guy bugs out to the fields east of the town and checks his map. He figures his best bet will be to skirt the edge of town and approach the bookstore and radio station from the west. It’s a long detour, but ultimately a safer option than approaching from the east like he had originally planned.

The trip to the Western edge of town is largely uneventful. Guy does end up straying too close to a hotel parking lot, and a shocker zombie zaps him. A few shots from the Glock pistol and a swing of the axe makes short work of him. Guy’s already injured torso is further damaged by the scuffle, and pain from the electric shock lingers for a few hours.

It’s late in the afternoon now, and Guy must see about finding a place to sleep tonight. He finds a liquor store that will serve this purpose perfectly. It’s isolated enough that he doesn’t need to worry about being attacked in his sleep, and close enough to be within striking distance of the bookstore and radio station. Plus, it’s filled with alcohol! (And glass bottles for crafting molotov cocktails).

Home is where the liquor is.

Guy surveys his new home. First, he eats a couple meat sandwiches in the refrigerator. Then, he smashes apart the fridge in order to obtain a rubber hose. Next, he takes a gulp of whiskey before pouring the rest of the bottle on the floor. He continues emptying all the liquor bottles and a couple gallon jugs of cheap wine onto the floor and places them into the basket of a shopping cart along with his rubber hose. Guy pushes his shopping cart outside and drags it in a large circle around the liquor store. He chops down a few zombie stragglers, and shreds their clothing into rags. He’s searching for a vehicle with a full gas tank. He eventually finds what he’s looking for and uses his rubber hose to siphon the fuel into the empty gallon jugs. Guy now has enough components to craft nearly a dozen molotov cocktails. He places the improvised incendiary devices into his shopping cart and heads home.

The sun is just beginning to set as he gets back to the liquor store. Guy drinks a nightcap and goes to sleep. He dreams of flames dancing across the covers of old tomes, the edges of the pages blackening and curling.

Day 4

Guy Montag eats a quick breakfast and downs a bottle of coffee, eager to set about his task. The preparations have already been made and his target is only a couple blocks away. He smashes down the locked door of the radio station and enters the control room where the weather transcripts are kept. The room is illuminated by the glow of a computer screen, but the words displayed are a meaningless jumble to him. He places the file of weather data into his pack and continues out he back door towards his real target: the bookstore.

“I have no idea what these papers say”

Guy dispatches a couple wandering zombies with his axe so he can relish the moment in relative peace. He opens the front door and steps inside. The building is filled to capacity with wooden shelving units covered in all kinds of books. Novels, children’s books, textbooks, and instruction manuals, they were nothing more than tinder to Guy Montag. He lit the rag on his first molotov and tossed it against the far corner of the building. It shattered against the ground and let out a belch of flame. Guy ignited a second one and dropped it at his feet as he exited the bookstore. He watched the building be consumed by flame, his turnout gear protecting him from the heat.


The commotion began to draw a crowd of the undead, and Guy decides to use the distraction to his advantage, and takes the direct route back to the fire station where Colin Smith resides. The zombie Hulk from the previous day was nowhere to be seen. Guy produces the weather data and Colin thanks him. Colin’s opinion of Guy improves considerably.

Guy’s work in this town is done. There’s nothing left for him here. Now he must prepare for the road ahead. There are more towns to visit and many more books to be burned. Guy gets the feeling that travelling the roads between cities won’t be as difficult as trying to survive in a city full of the undead, but it will provide other unique challenges such as a lack of food and fresh water, military roadblocks, and possibly even monstrous eldritch creatures he hasn’t encountered yet. Guy asks Colin if he would like to travel with him on this dangerous quest, but Colin Smith opts to stay behind.

Farewell until next time….


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