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Hurra – A Permadeath Colony

This is a story telling of my playthrough of RimWorld. I am playing with the “Cassandra Classic” storyteller on “Some Challenge” difficulty setting. It’s also set to Permadeath mode and is unmodded. I have tried to be as accurate as possible in my writing and illustrations right down to equipment and injuries my colonists have sustained.

Entry 001 – Summer 5500

Our escape pods barely made it through the thick atmosphere of this planet, but we have all survived. It appears we have landed in a Boreal forest area high in the mountains. Winters are gonna be harsh here, but we have time to settle and can use the mountains to our advantage.

I have attached the crews documents below.

Gilma Casey

This is me, I am a trained herbalist, and have expertise with medicine and scientific research. I’m good with animals and plants but not much of a people person. I’m Andrei’s older sister and the eldest member of our team. I will be documenting our progress and researching new ways for us to survive on this planet.







Chad “Fitz” Fitzgerald

Fitz is our leader. We didn’t know him well before the rig was destroyed but he made a good impression on us. He’s a natural leader and can be very charming although I sense a darkness there too. He’s led many caravans and is the best shot amongst us. I’m glad to have him on our side.







Andrei Nelson

And this is Andrei. Like me he gets on better with animals than humans, but with him it’s almost telepathic. He’s not the smartest in the crew, but he’s strong and he’s a good worker and he’s my brother.








All together, we form a rag-tag band called the Green Root Colonists.


The Green Roots Colonists.

Entry 002

We have set up camp on the western slope of a huge limestone mountain and set up a power source and refrigeration room to store food. It’s starting to feel like home already. We’ve named it ‘White Cave Outpost’. We have also met a group known as the Pact of Telebium, an Outlander union who trade in the area. It will definitely pay to keep these guys on good terms. They warned us of a tribe that have been attacking settlements nearby known as the Green Gazelle Travesaibor.

Naming our settlement.

Entry 003

We had our first encounter with the Travesaibor. Fitz spotted a man wandering north of the settlement and we set out to meet with him. The man was in his sixties and completely naked only carrying a makeshift knife. He attacked us and we were forced to defend ourselves. We’ve buried him by the rocks west of camp.

Didn’t stand a chance.

Entry 004

My brother has been following a herd of great wooly creatures called Muffalo. They seem fairly docile and it’s been easy to gain their trust. We hope to have a herd of them tamed soon so that we can have milk and wool before winter arrives.

Andrei and a new friend – a giant mammal called a “Muffalo.”

Entry 005

We managed to capture a couple of timber wolves that had been stalking the camp, and Andrei has tamed them. We had to injure them first before capturing them though and Henriette lost her front right leg while Saffron lost an ear. They follow Andrei around everywhere now and I feel much better knowing they’re with him on his hunting trips. On a side note Attila’s a bit scared of the new wolves and he’s been growing more and more attached to me.

Andrei and his bodyguards.

Entry 006 – Autumn 5500

Autumn went by quickly. Our Muffalo herd has grown to 5 and Andrei has named one of them Friendship. We also came into contact with another hostile group called the Bloody Dinosaurs. They seem to be less primitive than the Travesaibor, and several members had basic firearms. Our superior firepower scared them off this time…

Andrei and Friendship the Muffalo

Entry 008 – Winter 5500

Distress Signal! Today while on patrol we noticed a huge mob heading straight for camp. Kristy, who had been a prisoner of the Gray Rock Treaty (previously known as the Green Gazelle Travesaibor), had managed to escape and she’d found our camp before they could recapture her. We handed her a gun and prepared to face them.

The attack was far beyond what we had experienced before. Nine warriors armed with bows, knives, spears and clubs charged our sandbag walls. We formed a firing line and unleashed round upon round into their ranks. Kristy took the first kill, a young adolescent brandishing a knife, and Fitz took out a second knifeman with a well placed rifle shot. Then they were upon us. Our wolves Henriette and Saffron dived into combat to protect Andrei whilst Attila rushed to my aid. The fight was bloody but over quickly. Only three tribesmen survived, fleeing back into the forest.

Many of our animals had been injured during the attack, and Attila had taken the brunt of this trying to defend me. His right eye was cut out along with his tail and back right paw. He lost a lot of blood too but I’ve managed to stabilise his breathing. I hope he makes it through the night…

A vicious attack.

Entry 009

Kristy, our new recruit.

Attila is back on his feet again. He’s a fighter. Kristy is a trained military officer, and a great shot with a rifle. Whilst she insists we saved her, in truth her shooting skills saved us during the Gray Rock raid. I’m glad we found each other on this god forsaken rock.

Entry 010

Winter has taken its toll on us. We are running low on food and the animals are scraping by on the last remaining patches of lichen. Fitz has been infected with gut worms and has been bed ridden the past few days.

Entry 011

We were attacked again. This time by the Bloody Dinosaurs. They attacked with a small group but had modern rifles like our own and an incendiary launcher. We fought them off, but Andrei lost his trigger finger and a toe and Attila had his left eye burnt by the incendiary launcher. He is now almost completely blind.

Entry 012 – End of year report

We have survived a full year on this rock, and things are tougher now than ever. However we have managed to scrape ourselves a living here and have a surplus of hides, muffalo wool and limestone to trade. Andrei has done well on domesticating some of the other wildlife and we now have:

2 Wild Boar (1 male, 1 female)
2 Ibex (1 male, 1 female)
6 Muffalo (1 male, 5 female)

As for high-end supplies we’re fairly low, but let’s see what next year brings:

91 Silver
138 Steel
5 Components

About the Author

Jack Good produced this story and art as he played, relying on emergent gameplay to keep the story moving. The best way to reach him is via his twitter account.

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