History of Roguelikes

In the Beginning, there was Rogue It is difficult to truly discuss what a roguelike is without covering the progenitor, Rogue. Rogue was a freeware computer game released around 1980 by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichmann for unix based systems. The game is comprised of a dungeon crawl descending through various levels in order to […]

What is a Roguelike Game?

A Genre of Evolving Definitions Over the past several years, roguelikes have enjoyed a new height of interest. It is likely that the genre and its relatives will continue to explode in popularity in the near future. The genre, and a few core mechanics specifically, have become extremely popular among the gamers and developers who […]

The Original Rogue – Information and How to Play Online

TL:DR and Where to Play the Original Rogue Online Rogue is the game that defined the genre named after it, and it is the root from which the entire library of roguelikes and roguelites grows. Though many creative classics have not aged well, and it can be difficult to enjoy genre forerunners (for instance, try […]


Pickrag – A Dwarf Fortress Story

Pushing Back Against the Goblin Menace This tale takes place in the Land of Legends, on the continents of Leading, that this tale takes place. Goblins have conquered the lower portion of the continent and swept north east, surrounding the necromancer tower in the center of our world. It’s there they wait to spread. The […]


A Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (CDDA) Let’s Play – Norbert the Cannibal

Written by Sionava Norbert adjusted his glasses as he peeked out the window at the zombies. This place was only barely outside the south side of town, and probably wouldn’t stay safe for much longer. “Gotta move out of here,” he muttered, but the only other person who’d made it to the shelter, some guy […]


Roguelike vs Roguelite – What’s the Difference?

A Common-Sense Assessment What’s the difference between roguelikes and roguelites? It’s an argument we’ve been having in the community for awhile now, and there are a lot strong of opinions out there about it. Roguelikes and lites generally attract a pretty analytical, brainy crowd, so of course multiple highly specific, often quite proud schools of […]


Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead (CDDA) Game Download

Install CDDA on Mac, Windows, or Linux We are frequently asked where to download Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, one of our most featured and beloved roguelikes. It can be a bit difficult to figure out because so many versions are available and the game is updated almost daily. Depending on your system, it can be done […]


Moose and More: RIP, Unicycle Man

A Tale of Despondency in CDDA   Editor’s note: This is a particularly ridiculous example of the sorts of craziness only available from games with random generation, as told by the player. RIP, Unicycle Man – you will be missed. The Beginning So I picked the “bottom of a mine” scenario which I’ve had decent […]

Character Progression in Roguelikes – Experience Levels

Part 1 of a Series Welcome to our first discussion of character progression systems in roguelike games. Character progression, or the system through which a player character develops in strength, ability, and/or personality, is a staple of the RPG genre, including sub-genres such as the roguelike. Without progression of some form, characters are unable to […]


Field Observations on Dwarven Civilization – Initial Research

Report by: GRU SpyCrab Editor’s note: We found this brief, human observation on Dwarven society left by a fellow Urist on Reddit. Initial research looks accurate, albeit dark. More science needs to be conducted before final conclusions can reliably be drawn. *Begin Transcript* This is my first attempt to analyse the structure of a typical player-run […]