Psych Meds: Part III

Mitch’s is in poor repair, but passable. The red and yellow sign is faded and crooked, but it was probably like that before the cataclysm. The front windows were broken, and from the looks of it, the store was already searched. Nothing moved inside. “So, why are we here again?” asks Templeton, looking over his […]

Psych Meds: Part II

By the time Austin gets to the top of the steps, Templeton is nowhere to be seen. The stairway intersects a hallway in both directions. Austin flashes the light around, revealing family photos hanging on the walls and a heavily stained carpet. “Templeton, where did you go?” Austin scans the floor. Nothing. He creeps down […]

Psych Meds: Part 1

Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead (CDDA) Inspired Fiction Austin shakes the empty pharmacy bottle. The thorazine is gone. For so many years he hated them, their side effects, the flat feeling and shakes they gave him – but now that he had no idea where to get more, he was afraid to go without them. Austin […]


Video Game Reviews Are Broken: Why to Move Away from AAA Titles

I’ve been playing games since roughly 1993, and since then I have seen games become a pop phenomenon. While it’s good that games get mainstream attention as an alternative to watching television, it’s unfortunate that big money interests are dominating the market. Monoliths like EA (over-zealous DRM) and even Bethesda (paid mods in Fall Out […]

Roguelike Inventory Management for Life: Travel Light

“The shit you own ends up owning you.” – Tyler Durden Smart inventory management is crucial, whether you’re a normal person trying to live whatever a normal life is, or your trying to ascend in Nethack. Like all prudent management, balance is the key of success. The goal is to carry what you need and […]

What I’ve Learned from Roguelikes

Life Lessons from Living Rogue-like If you’re unaware, rogue-likes are a genre of game that feature permanent death, in-depth simulation, and unpredictable worlds. Each death sends you back to the beginning, with no equipment, no skills, and no map. Of all genres of games, save for maybe IRL gladiator-ship, rogue-likes are the most hardcore. They […]