History of Roguelikes

In the Beginning, there was Rogue It is difficult to truly discuss what a roguelike is without covering the progenitor, Rogue. Rogue was a freeware computer game released around 1980 by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichmann for unix based systems. The game is comprised of a dungeon crawl descending through various levels in order to […]

What is a Roguelike Game?

A Genre of Evolving Definitions Over the past several years, roguelikes have enjoyed a new height of interest. It is likely that the genre and its relatives will continue to explode in popularity in the near future. The genre, and a few core mechanics specifically, have become extremely popular among the gamers and developers who […]


Roguelike vs Roguelite – What’s the Difference?

A Common-Sense Assessment What’s the difference between roguelikes and roguelites? It’s an argument we’ve been having in the community for awhile now, and there are a lot strong of opinions out there about it. Roguelikes and lites generally attract a pretty analytical, brainy crowd, so of course multiple highly specific, often quite proud schools of […]


Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead (CDDA) Game Download

Install CDDA on Mac, Windows, or Linux We are frequently asked where to download Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, one of our most featured and beloved roguelikes.┬áIt can be a bit difficult to figure out because so many versions are available and the game is updated almost daily. Depending on your system, it can be done […]

Character Progression in Roguelikes – Experience Levels

Part 1 of a Series Welcome to our first discussion of character progression systems in roguelike games. Character progression, or the system through which a player character develops in strength, ability, and/or personality, is a staple of the RPG genre, including sub-genres such as the roguelike. Without progression of some form, characters are unable to […]