A Letter from the Editor (Jack)

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An @ is worth a thousand words.

Living Roguelike  a term invented to encapsulate a lifestyle learned by playing no-nonsense, permadeath roguelike games like Dwarf Fortress, Nethack, and Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. These “games” are built around high-detail simulation, strategic decision making and risk taking, and extreme difficulty.

Though the settings have ranged from the zombie apocalypse to space travel to dwarf-filled fantasy worlds, players find that certain practices increase (but don’t guarantee) the odds of success no matter what. When I started to implement these practices into my life beyond the computer screen, and my “real” life improved in every way very rapidly.

I realized one day that the feeling of dread that followed me throughout my life was replaced by an unfamiliar silence. The anxiety committee in my head, which was thoroughly resistant to a wide range of legal and illegal treatments, was finally quiet. More than that, I felt that I was suddenly capable of doing anything I wanted without fear – or, rather, that I’d always been capable and didn’t realize it. Out of the desire to share what I’ve gained from roguelikes, I asked for help from the community to create website dedicated to the stories, philosophies, interactions, and principles present in our favorite games.

The Team

LRL is run by volunteers who offer their content for others to enjoy, free of charge. We come from a wide range of ages, walks of life, professions, and backgrounds, but we are united by our common love for the ever-growing complexity and depth of the roguelike world. If you’d like to contribute to the site with your own articles, thoughts, stories, let’s plays, ideas, pictures – whatever you like – don’t hesitate to contact us at writerjack384@gmail.com. We offer full credit to anyone that contributes, and we enjoy making new allies as well.

We hope that you enjoy the site as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

Jack and the LRL Team

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