Don’t Starve – Roguelite Meets Tim Burton

Jack’s Take Don’t Starve is a brutal wilderness survival roguelite set in a dark, forlorn setting. The game was developed by Klei entertainment, the masterminds behind Invisible Inc. and Mark of the Ninja. In Klei’s take on survival, you are dropped into the wilderness with nothing but some half-hearted advice and a heaping dose of […]

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – A Roguelite Twin-Stick Shooter

My Thoughts Binding of Isaac is quite a few years old now, but I recently got around to actually completing it. I figured while I had it in mind, I might as well do a write up for LRL. I never played the original, roguelite poop fest that is Binding of Isaac. In fact, I […]

Rimworld Fan Fiction

Hurra – A Permadeath Colony This is a story telling of my playthrough of RimWorld. I am playing with the “Cassandra Classic” storyteller on “Some Challenge” difficulty setting. It’s also set to Permadeath mode and is unmodded. I have tried to be as accurate as possible in my writing and illustrations right down to equipment […]

Psych Meds: Part III

Mitch’s is in poor repair, but passable. The red and yellow sign is faded and crooked, but it was probably like that before the cataclysm. The front windows were broken, and from the looks of it, the store was already searched. Nothing moved inside. “So, why are we here again?” asks Templeton, looking over his […]

Psych Meds: Part II

By the time Austin gets to the top of the steps, Templeton is nowhere to be seen. The stairway intersects a hallway in both directions. Austin flashes the light around, revealing family photos hanging on the walls and a heavily stained carpet. “Templeton, where did you go?” Austin scans the floor. Nothing. He creeps down […]

Psych Meds: Part 1

Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead (CDDA) Inspired Fiction Austin shakes the empty pharmacy bottle. The thorazine is gone. For so many years he hated them, their side effects, the flat feeling and shakes they gave him – but now that he had no idea where to get more, he was afraid to go without them. Austin […]


Video Game Reviews Are Broken: Why to Move Away from AAA Titles

I’ve been playing games since roughly 1993, and since then I have seen games become a pop phenomenon. While it’s good that games get mainstream attention as an alternative to watching television, it’s unfortunate that big money interests are dominating the market. Monoliths like EA (over-zealous DRM) and even Bethesda (paid mods in Fall Out […]


Nethack – A Traditional Roguelike Game

Remember: “The Devs Think of Everything” Nethack is a modern roguelike dungeon crawling game, and perhaps the one most exemplary of the entire genre. It utilizes top-down ASCII or tile perspective, procedural dungeon generation with certain special, static levels, unparalleled complexity, turn-based hack and slash play, and high difficulty. While Nethack is considered a modern […]


Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (CDDA) – A Free Post Apocalyptic Zombie RPG Game

Step Into the Zombie Apocalypse Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, or CDDA, is a modern roguelike undergoing rapid development. It currently features top-down ASCII or tile perspective and a rich GUI. Like most roguelikes, it uses keyboard-only input (touch on the Android, obviously) with many commands, and simulates more real-life information than any other roguelike currently in […]


Cogmind – A Sci-Fi Action Roguelike

Awakened in Steam’s Early Access I freeze as movement is detected ahead. Remaining close to nearby walls, I identify doorways in close proximity that will allow for quick escape should a threat present itself. In position, I allow time to pass, my targeting subroutines making micro-adjustments to muzzle position and weapon balance to ensure greater […]